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Installing Otto (Mac/Windows)

Note: Otto does work on Apple Silicon based Macs under Rosetta 2. Even though it isn't running natively it is still very fast. We are planning to have an Apple Silicon native version in the future.

Server checklist

Before you begin, confirm the following:

  • FileMaker Server is installed on your server machine
  • Your server machine meets the minimum requirements to run Otto
  • Port 3030 is open on your server’s firewall
  • You have administrator rights to your server
  • You can access the FileMaker Server Admin Console
  • You know your SSL Passphrase, if your server uses an SSL certificate that requires one. See the document, SSL Passphrases for how to install it
  • You can access the Otto license server at using a web browser
  • If you are using macOS and you have second disk setup as the default backup, please read this article before installing Otto.

Otto expects FileMaker Server to be running with the default fmserver user and fmsadmin group privileges. This is set during FileMaker Server installation. It is very rarely changed, but if you did change it, Otto will not install correctly.


  1. Locate your license key, or purchase one here.
  2. Download the Otto Installer file.
    • The download package you received is a zip archive. Unzip it to get to the actual installer.
    • To access your file downloads, log in to your account and navigate to the Purchase History tab.
  3. Navigate to the Otto Installer and launch it.
  4. Follow the steps in the installation wizard.
  5. If your SSL Certificate needs a passphrase, you will need to install it before using https to access the Otto Web Console, in the next step.
  6. Once the installation is complete, open your browser and enter https://[host].com:3030, where [host] is the fully qualified domain name of your FileMaker Server machine. For local deployments, try http://localhost:3030. This will open up the Otto web console. Note that when you use localhost you will not be able to use “https” in the url as your SSL certificate won’t work with localhost.
    1. (mac servers, only) - If you are using a second disk for backups, you will need to configure Otto to use it before you can use the web console.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your license key. Follow the instructions to enter your license key and click Save.
  8. Learn more about the Otto web console.


The video below, walks you through the steps of installing Otto.