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About Migrator

There are three ways to access Otto - the Developer API, Otto web console, and Migrator.

Migrator is a FileMaker file that serves as a front-end to Otto’s web service. It simplifies the delivery of files to testing and/or production servers. While the bulk of the work is handled by the Otto service, sending properly-structured requests can be challenging. Migrator helps take the guesswork out of the process by providing an interface where you can enter your server and migration details, and begin a migration with the click of a button.

While Migrator is not the solution to every possible deployment or migration workflow, it provides a powerful starting point. Think of it as a template, which is available so you can customize it for your needs. Since new versions of Migrator are released as Otto continues to evolve, consider keeping a detailed log of your changes to recreate in future Migrator files.