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Technical specifications

FileMaker Server 19.5

Otto requires FileMaker Servers 19.5 or higher. You can find the specs at Claris FileMaker 19.4-19.6 Technical Specifications. For FileMaker 20, see Claris FileMaker 20-23 Technical Specifications.

Production Servers

In addition to the base FileMaker Server requirement, Otto's minimum requirements for a production server are:

  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • Available virtual memory or swap file.

Migrations make copies of your database files both in RAM and on disk as part of the migration process. A good general rule is that if you need to have 3x the size of your production database files in available disk space, and at least 2x the size of your production database files in RAM or virtual memory.

Virtual memory

Mac and Windows have virtual memory. They can use available disk space as RAM as needed. This does slow down the server. You can read more about virtual memory at Wikipedia.

Linux swap files

Linux may or may not have a swap file by default. We recommend that you don't install Otto on a Linux production server without a swap file configured.

Dev servers

Dev servers may not need the resources that a production server needs. It isn't doing migrations. It isn't doing backups. It isn't doing a lot of things. It is just running the server. So you can get away with fewer resources. The minimum requirements for a dev server are the same as FileMaker Server.